Wialon Top Partners 2022

We’ve established Wialon Top Partners 2022 to single out the telematics services providers who connected the biggest number of vehicles to the platform in their regions.
The award ceremony took place on August 18 in Vilnius, Lithuania, during the Telematics Vilnius 2022 partner conference.


The Wialon Top Partners has been created to pay tribute to the companies that connected the biggest number of vehicles to the platform over the last 12 months. We honor 10 partners in each of the seven regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America.

Wialon Top Partners is a new format of the Wialon TOP 50 Global rating that featured the 50 most successful Wialon partners from all over the world.
Companies ranked as
Wialon Top Partners in 2022
  1. SLI AFRIKA, Benin
  2. Fleet Data Technologies, South Africa
  3. Falcon Control Systems, Cote D'Ivoire
  4. USCT SARL, Congo
  5. Utrack Africa, Tanzania
  6. Galco TZ, Tanzania
  7. Armor Risk Services, South Africa
  8. HTC Solutions Maroc, Morocco
  9. Precision Vehicle and Asset Tracking, Botswana
  10. Tracking Africa, South Africa
  2. PT Phoenix Solusi Indonesia, Indonesia
  3. Omnimatics, Malaysia
  4. Technoton Sensors, India
  5. Vectras, Philippines
  6. Myanmar Tracker, Myanmar
  7. KLOUDIP, Sri Lanka
  8. Eyesline Telematics, India
  9. VF Tracker, Bangladesh
  10. Pariskq IoT Solutions Private Limited, India
  1. IMG, Uzbekistan
  2. Fleetbook, Kazakhstan
  3. A+A Security, Azerbaijan
  4. Point.kz, Kazakhstan
  5. GPS.AZ, Azerbaijan
  6. Safezone GPS, Azerbaijan
  7. SKVID, Kazakhstan
  8. Ýokary Tilsimatlar Merkezi, Turkmenistan
  10. Octopus, Azerbaijan
  1. OVERSEER, Ukraine
  2. U-Online, Ukraine
  3. Localizador Sherlog, Spain
  4. Wialon Operator, Belarus
  5. LogicTrail, Ukraine
  6. Antenor, Ukraine
  7. Monitorland, Ukraine
  8. Sud Telematique, France
  9. Tracker, Ukraine
  10. Almaks d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia
  1. Location Solutions Telematics, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. Tawasol Riyadh Company, Saudi Arabia
  3. Integrated Solutions, Iraq
  4. Nibras Al Manar, Saudi Arabia
  5. Amanah Teknologia, Kuwait
  6. Saudi Tracking Solution, Saudi Arabia
  7. Advance Telematics Solutions, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  8. Intelligent Digital Network Solutions, Saudi Arabia
  9. Motion Track Computers & Telecom Co., Kuwait
  10. Pishgaman Ertebat Hooshmand Co., Middle East
  1. BrickHouse Security, USA
  2. Tracker GPS, Mexico
  3. Iquo Digital, Mexico
  4. Monitoreo Multitrack, Mexico
  5. Cobertura Total en Telemetría, Mexico
  6. Syscom, Mexico
  7. Fleet Things, Mexico
  8. DCS, USA
  9. LVM Tech, Canada
  10. Ares Sun, Honduras
  1. Asesorias y Servicios MID, Peru
  2. M2M Dataglobal, Chile
  3. Ciasat, Brazil
  4. GPS Chile, Chile
  5. Global Dot, Brazil
  6. Mobilecomm comercio e serviços ltda, Brazil
  7. Ingenieria AVL Chile, Chile
  8. Total Radio Systems, Bolivia
  9. Praxsys, Argentina
  10. AWTO, Chile


Every year, the number of vehicles connected to Wialon keeps growing in the regions. We see more and more sophisticated projects in which our platform meets the challenges of the most demanding clients. We are very grateful to our partners for making this happen. Thank you for the hard work, high professional skills, and contribution to the success of the platform and the whole Wialon community.
We will award every company ranking in Wialon Top Partners with certificates and trophies: gold, silver, or bronze depending on the place.

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The history of the Wialon partner ranking

The previous Wialon partner ranking was called Wialon TOP 50 Global. It was established in 2017 to celebrate the success of the fastest-growing Wialon partners. Each award ceremony up to the last one in 2021 attracted the attention of the world’s telematics community. In 2020 and 2021, the award ceremony took place in the online format due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In 2022, we’ve introduced the new regional ranking, Wialon Top Partners.
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